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Seeing bill after bill after bill pile up on your desk or in your mailbox after falling into debt can feel like an inescapable maze of stress and financial woes. At The Law Office of Marc G. Alster, our goal for more than 23 years has been to be the ones who help the people of New Jersey find a way out of their debt through appropriate and effective bankruptcy filings. We are proud to say that we have successfully handled thousands of cases for clients throughout the years, guiding them to better times and financial freedom once more.

Our Services Can Be Your Solution

Each person who comes to our doors has a bankruptcy case that is unique to them. We respect that no two cases are alike and approach each one we take on from a fresh perspective. Do you own a small business? We will want to weigh what you value more in your bankruptcy: your private property or the wellbeing of your company. Are you an individual who is bogged down with student loan debt? Although difficult, there are ways to discharge or reduce it. Whatever your situation, know that we have the experience and professionalism required to seek out every opportunity and seize upon it.

We can handle the following aspects of your case and much more:

Sometimes people seek our help after their home is already in the middle of a foreclosure. Do not worry. We always act fast and avoid unnecessary delays wherever possible. With our assistance, we may be able to stop the foreclosure and creditor harassment in one swoop and one bankruptcy filing.

Retain a Team of Professionals Who Care About Your Future

If there is one thing our Rochelle Park bankruptcy attorney is well-known for, it is genuinely caring about our clients, their families, their businesses, and their peace of mind. During your free bankruptcy evaluation, tell us all about your worries and financial troubles that have been bothering you. We hope to do all we can to help you discharge your debt and rest easy once again.