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Are You in Serious Financial Trouble, and Unable to Pay Your Bills?

Are you in severe financial trouble, unable to pay your bills and facing constant creditor calls and letters? Are you threatened with wage garnishment, foreclosure or lawsuits? Get in touch with our Englewood bankruptcy lawyer immediately. As these issues rarely get better, but tend to escalate and become ever more serious, it is important that you act before you lose your personal property or money through repossession or foreclosure, or through a court judgment. At our firm, The Law Office of Marc G. Alster, we have over 23 years of experience in a wide range of debt relief legal actions, including bankruptcy. We look for the best solution for each client – that solution that will results in the greatest number of benefits and relief. Whether this is bankruptcy, and involves the Chapter 7 process, the Chapter 13 process, or bankruptcy alternatives, such as creditor workouts, mortgage loan modifications, or legal action to stop foreclosure, our firm does it all. We are interested in you, your future, your family and in helping you get financial relief.

Over our 23 years in practice, we have helped many, many couples and individuals file for bankruptcy. We know that bad things can happen to good, hardworking people. Our clients include those who have lost a job, have recently divorced, have experienced a serious medical emergency that led to expensive bills, and those who have just hit hard times. The bankruptcy process was put in place by the federal government to allow those who cannot pay their debts to have the opportunity for a fresh start. This can be the most effective tool for getting your life back on track, and countless people have taken advantage of it in recent years. It is likely that many people you know have filed for bankruptcy, and are now free from the anxiety and stress that comes with financial troubles.

You may need to get the truth if you have heard some of the common bankruptcy myths, or could have questions about bankruptcy & spouses, such as do both spouses have to file, or other concern. We can explain all of the benefits of bankruptcy as well as what you can expect in life after bankruptcy. The first and most significant change that you will experience is that all creditor actions will completely stop under the automatic stay provisions of bankruptcy. Your creditors will be violating the law if they contact you through any means, letter, call or other. After you have been dealing with creditors on a daily basis, this initial relief can be very important to your personal emotional health and that of your family. You know that you have taken action to get the issues under control, and that the process of moving forward.

Get Accurate, Professional Counsel

Are you worrying and wondering, "Should I file for bankruptcy?" If so, get accurate facts and correct bankruptcy information from our firm. You should never accept information about how the process works from any person other than an Englewood bankruptcy lawyer that has experience in the process and in all the alternatives. You will need to know all the details, including the bankruptcy exemptions (what assets you will be allowed to keep), about the requirement of credit counseling & debt education, and what will happen to your federal & state income taxes and student loans if this is part of your debt. We are prepared to advise you of every option that is available to you in resolving your debt problems, as well as those related to home foreclosure and underwater mortgages.

Mortgage Problems in Englewood

We can help you to arrange a deed in lieu of foreclosure, engage in foreclosure defense and mediation, a short sale or other option that could allow you to avoid foreclosure and the damage to your ability to buy a home in the future. Many are struggling to pay a mortgage for a home that has plummeted in value. If you bought a home during the subprime mortgage boom, it is likely that your mortgage payment has doubled or increased even more. There are several options that could be available to you, including filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pursuing relief through the HAMP program. Do you need help resolving complex financial difficulties? Come to a law firm that will work with you directly, has a scope of legal practice and experience to call upon, and that has genuine concern for you and your family.

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