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Are you under the pressure of a seemingly endless amount of debt? Are you looking for a solution but do not know where to turn for help? Many people have heard of bankruptcy as an option for debt relief but are dissuaded by myths about bankruptcy and what filing will mean for them. You will not lose your job, your credit will not be ruined for decades, you are not required to give up all of your property, and the process does not have to be difficult. When you are ready to be free from debt, contact Bogota bankruptcy attorney Marc G. Alster. Attorney Alster has been helping clients to live a debt-free life for more than two decades and can meet with you personally to discuss your legal options.

Why File for Bankruptcy?

One of the most immediate effects of bankruptcy is that some of all of your creditors will be legally barred from collecting debt and from contacting you regarding past accounts. This is known as an automatic stay and can stop unsecured debts such as mortgages, car loans, and credit card bills from affecting you. Depending on the chapter of bankruptcy that a debtor chooses, a court can then reduce and restructure payments or discharge debt completely. Once a debtor has fulfilled the terms set by a court, they are given a fresh financial start.

The Two Common Forms of Bankruptcy Include:

  • Chapter 7: This option may be best for individuals who do not possess extensive assets. Chapter 7 will involve the liquidation of assets towards the goal of creditor repayment. In exchange, the court will discharge your unsecured debt. In order to qualify, applicants must meet specific financial requirements and undertake debt counseling.

  • Chapter 13: For individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7, or do not want to face the liquidation of their assets, chapter 13 can provide a route for debt relief. In this method, a court will restructure debt under a repayment plan that typically lasts from three to five years. Only a portion of the total debt will be repaid and upon completion of the repayment plan, any additional debt will be discharged.

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If you are facing an insurmountable amount of debt you can turn to the Law Office of Marc G. Alster for help. Attorney Alster can handle all cases of Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies, no matter how complicated your financial situation. Mr. Alster also offers several alternatives to bankruptcy in cases where it is not the best option for you. Through dedicated service and legal excellence, Attorney Alster has earned high praise from both his peers and from past clients. Read what past clients have to say about the firm. When you are ready to free yourself from the burden of debt, help is only a phone call away.

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