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"Marc Alster Achieved a Result that Others Said Was Impossible."

Marc Alster achieved a result that others said was impossible. His excellent advice and guidance allowed me to discharge all of my debts and give me a fresh start. Marc is truly an expert in the field and I would recommend him to anyone seeking help with a bankruptcy filing. In short, he is unmatched in his knowledge, ability and understanding of the laws governing bankruptcy. 

- B.S., Paramus, NJ

"Marc Alster Expressed Undivided Attention as If I Was His only Client"

"From the beginning of my case, Marc Alster expressed undivided attention as if I was his only client! His professionalism and experience with my case made me feel confident and relieved any anxiety I had about my circumstances. I would certainly recommend the services of Marc Alster to my family and friends!"

G.A., Dumont, NJ

"I Feel as If I Am a New Man Now Ready to Restart a Life that Was in Ruins."

I first heard about Marc's service through a friend. I really was not certain on how to go about the process of filing for bankruptcy but he made it so simple. He was relaxed, easy going and very friendly, I felt as if I had known him for years. He made me and my wife feel comfortable from the beginning, and his staff were very very professional and courteous. What a wonderful experience and a life changing event. I feel as if I am a new man now ready to restart a life that was in ruins. Thank you Marc from the bottom of my heart! I highly recommend him to anyone considering this type of service.


"I'm Very Pleased with The Outcome of A Matter"

Marc and his firm (Jenny & the rest) worth every dollar they earned. I'm very pleased with the outcome of a matter I hired him to handle. In fact he exceeded my expectation what makes him a good friend to me now. I already started gifting the people I care about to use Marc and do business with him.

- Anonymous

"Marc Alster Saved My Life."

Marc Alster saved my life. As a divorcee left with a tremendous amount of debt and struggling to raise my children while battling MS, I can honestly say that this man completely turned my life around. I am debt-free, rebuilding my credit and no longer struggling. After meeting with him for the first time, I asked him where to sign on the dotted line! I am so thankful to him and his fabulous staff. All I can say is call Marc today and get your life back. I did! 

- N.S., Bergen County

"He Was Very Supportive and Understanding and His Knowledge Process Helped Calm My Many Fears."

Thanks to Marc Alster and his staff I have gotten a second chance. I received a letter from Marc's office to come in for a free consultation; although I had consulted with 2 other "bankruptcy attorneys" who said I would not qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Marc assured me that although I was close I was well within the limits for a Chapter 7. He was very supportive and understanding and his knowledge process helped calm my many fears. Today, a couple of months later I am debt-free. God Bless Marc Alster and his wonderful staff. - R.T., Bergen County

R.T., Bergen County

"He Helped Me Understand the Entire Process"

Mr. Alster made a bad situation less stressful. He helped me understand the entire process and helped make everything run smoothly. Would definitely recommend his services.

- Anonymous

"From the Onset, He Helped Us Navigate Through the Murky Mess that Bankruptcy Can Be"

"Marc Alster and his staff were very thorough and professional. From the onset, he helped us navigate through the murky mess that bankruptcy can be. Thanks to his help, we learned that there is life after bankruptcy."

P.V., Hudson County

"To My Disbelief, I Was Relieved of All My Debt."

I maintained my excellent credit history up until I was 41 years of age. That is until I lost an excellent paying job and everything (including my marriage) fell apart. I didn't expect it to happen, but I relied on my credit cards more than ever during this period. I honestly felt that I would get back on my feet and just work all hours & get whatever job that came my way just to pay everything back. I am not joking when I say this but I got so desperate I used to play the Lotto all the time or hope I met a rich old man to take care of me. But guess what………… It never happened. I transferred as much as I could to other credit cards just to buy more time to pay & applying for jobs that I felt were below me based on my experience. And then it happened…..I knew I could not do it any longer. The obligation of paying it all back became tremendous not to mention my health was declining because of it. I became extremely depressed. After many days & nights thinking hard about it, I had no choice but to claim Bankruptcy. Even saying the word now brings tears to my eyes because I felt I worked so many years on establishing excellent credit for it to end like this.

I had no idea how to proceed, so like everyone else, I looked through the yellow pages. Since I live in Bergen County, I tried to find an attorney close to where I lived. I went to Marc's office and he assured me that I can re-establish my credit. He & his staff helped me through this most difficult time in my life. To my disbelief, I was relieved of all my debt. Until this day, Marc follows up to make sure I'm doing ok. I LOVE YOU MARC!!!! I would propose marriage to you but I know you are married. Again, Thank you so, so much!!!!"

I.P., Bergen County

"Extremely Knowledgeable with All the Newest Changes to The Bankruptcy Codes."

Extremely knowledgeable with all the newest changes to the bankruptcy codes. Helped answer our questions, and gave us the information and guidance we needed to make the best choice for our financial well-being. Fantastic communication throughout the entire process and always took the time needed to explain each process so we weren't surprised at any point. So glad we chose Marc to represent us and we highly recommend him to anyone experiencing financial difficulties. Wish we had seen him sooner, rather than trying to consolidate or work with a credit relief agency! Thanks Marc!

- Anonymous

"After a Very Detailed Consultation, Marc Was Able to Outline a Strategy that Would Restore Our Credit and Allow Us to Truly Get Back on Our Feet."

My wife and I were drowning in debt living pay check to pay check. After a very detailed consultation, Marc was able to outline a strategy that would restore our credit and allow us to truly get back on our feet. It has only been a year and a half since our Chapter 7 Discharge and I was able to boost my credit rating by almost 100 points! His staff was very personable and compassionate towards our situation. We were very pleased and quite frankly, surprised with the ease of the process. Marc is to be commended for making what can be a very difficult experience smooth and painless. We have no reservations in recommending the Law Offices of Marc Alster.

D.C. & M.C., Wood-Ridge, NJ

"Marc Was Able to Outline a Strategy that Would Restore Our Credit and Allow Us to Truly Get Back on Our Feet."

My wife and I were drowning in debt. After a very detailed consultation, Marc was able to outline a strategy that would restore our credit and allow us to truly get back on our feet. It has only been 2 1/2 and a half since our Chapter 7 Discharge and I was able to boost my credit rating by almost 75% points more! Marc was very personable and compassionate towards our situation. We were very pleased and quite frankly, surprised with the ease of the process. Marc is to be commended for making what can be a very difficult experience smooth and painless. We have no reservations in recommending the Law Offices of Marc Alster.

- Danny and Lodi

Recommend to Anyone

Marc and his staff were excellent very informative best lawyer in Bergen county NJ will recommend to anyone who need his services


"I Was Left without Any Doubt as To Your Sincerity and Unqualified Commitment to Handle My Bankruptcy Petition."

Marc, it is with profound gratitude and appreciation that I address this letter to you on the successful outcome of my Chapter 7 petition for relief. Having just moved to New Jersey from California, I found myself in an "uncharted territory". I had an enormous financial problem and badly needing help. I turned to the yellow pages for a lawyer to act on my behalf. Full page ads greeted of law offices offering their services. For some unexplained reason, I chose an unobtrusive legal offer on bankruptcy. That led me to a consultation appointment with Marc G. Alster, Esq., With the methodical and precise manner with which you evaluated my situation, sparring me no quarters as to how I conducted my financial transactions that built up to an unmanageable proportion, I was left without any doubt as to your sincerity and unqualified commitment to handle my bankruptcy petition.

My faith and trust in your capability to take up my case paid off. In just about a month from the time my petition was filed, I was granted the relief I sought. One registered objection to my petition was the subject of the withdrawal mentioned above.

In truth and in fact, I was ready to face a prolonged period of uncertainties filled with untold anguish and trepidation. Your personal and close undivided attention to my case negated all these undesirable elements.

Marc, I went to you, not knowing you and not having been referred to you by anyone. I was a stranger in town but you and your legal assistant, Vanessa, graciously and warmly received me in your office. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

-C.S., Oradell, New Jersey

"I Could Never Have Taken that Leap without His Guidance, Support, and The Valuable Information He Gave Me"

I found Marc Alster in the Yellow Pages and called a few months when I lost my job after 9/11 on Wall Street after a 21-year career. My consulting business had been suffering since the tech stock market crash the year before, and I found myself losing sleep and getting sick about how I was going to continue to pay my bills and survive.

I went for the free consultation, and finally decided with the information I was given that I had no choice but to go bankrupt under Chapter 7. Marc was very supportive, and I felt confident that he could help me and also re-establish my credit as quickly as possible. We worked out a payment plan, and in several months my obligations were discharged and a tremendous weight was lifted off my back. Since then I have been bombarded with offers from credit card companies and car dealerships, both of which I have taken advantage of to re-establish my credit.

I could never have taken that leap without his guidance, support, and the valuable information he gave me to rebuild my credit almost immediately after the discharge of my bankruptcy. I would gladly recommend his professional services to anyone in need of guidance and expert help at an affordable price. 


"We Will Not Hesitate to Recommend You"

On behalf of Beth and Barry we would like to thank you for seeing us through this process and good advice that was given to us. We were very thankful and appreciative of your service. If we were to come across any one how is in need of your type of service we will not hesitate to recommend you.

- Beth & Barry T., NJ

"Through His Experience and Strong Knowledge of The Law, He Removed All Our Concerns Immediately, While Quickly Identifying Our Financial Issues."

From our first meeting, a strong trust and bond were formed. Marc Alster was caring and focused on our individual needs, leading to a successful Chapter 7 result. He prepared us for all aspects of the process, providing clear guidance and direction. Through his experience and strong knowledge of the law, he removed all our concerns immediately, while quickly identifying our financial issues. He was always available and easy to talk to. All communications were very clear throughout the process. He is extremely supportive and understanding, getting you to a new fresh start in life. After the Chapter 7 successful conclusion, Marc took the time to provide personal guidance, putting measures in place to prevent future issues. My credit standing is already turning positive and my financial stability is back once again."

H. H., Bergen County

"Thanks to His Expertise, I Am Now Debt Free."

Mr. Marc G. Alster was a huge help to me. Due to my divorce, I ended up with a tremendous amount of debt. Thanks to his expertise, I am now debt free. Mr. Alster and his staff were very kind and supportive through out the process. It is very rare to find a lawyer who will take care of you all the way and who is affordable. Again, thank you for all the assistance you provided me.

- A.B., Hackensack, New Jersey

"The Bankruptcy Court, Understanding the Predicament We Were In, Discharged Our Debts, Allowing Us to Have a Desperately Needed Second Chance."

When my wife and I made the tough decision to file for bankruptcy, we went to Marc Alster, Attorney at Law, for advice. He helped put our minds at ease, in spite of the life-altering decision we were about to make. His professional manner, understanding and priceless advice got us through the dark and burdensome unmanageable debt load we were under. Recently the Bankruptcy Court, understanding the predicament we were in, discharged our debts, allowing us to have a desperately needed second chance. All of this was possible thanks to the expert advice of Mr. Alster, and his wonderful staff. God bless them all.

-J.S. and H.S.

"I Could Not Have Chosen Anyone Better than Marc Alster."

I received a mailing from Marc Alster. I was looking for a good lawyer who could handle my bankruptcy and for someone who knew exactly what I needed to get my bankruptcy done in the best way. I made an appointment with his office and met with him; he assured me that everything would be taken care and it was. I could not have chosen anyone better than Marc Alster. Thank you again for all your help and to your staff as well.

- D.C.

"Everybody Was Extremely Courteous, and Helpful During the Process - Even Talking Me Through the Steps when Necessary."

Dear Marc,

I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance that you and your office provided during a very stressful time. Everybody was extremely courteous, and helpful during the process - even talking me through the steps when necessary. Your confidence and experience came through in our discussions and that went a long way toward calming my fears during the bankruptcy process. While it's not a step I took lightly, I was glad to have you there to help me at a time when I needed it most. I hope to be able to use this second chance as a springboard to a much better life.

- P.M.H.

"Marc and His Staff Always Made Me Feel Very Comfortable and They Treated Me with Respect. I Would Highly Recommend the Services of Marc Alster."

I would just like to thank Marc Alster and his staff for all of their help during my bankruptcy. From the first phone call that I made to his office and through the entire process they were very professional and efficient. It was an extremely difficult decision to file bankruptcy but, I had no choice. Marc and his staff always made me feel very comfortable and they treated me with respect. I would highly recommend the services of Marc Alster. I have already started reestablishing my credit and I feel as though I have a new life. I can't thank them enough."

K.H., Bergen County

"With Your Help I Am Now the Proud Owner of A New Home and Able to Save for My Retirement"

Dear Marc,

This is a note of thanks for all your help in resolving my recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When I walked into your office for the first time I was in dire financial distress and beside myself with worry and embarrassment. Thank you for making me feel comfortable with the bankruptcy process and understanding my desire to get my financial life back in order. Your knowledge and competence will always be appreciated. With your help, I am now the proud owner of a new home and able to save for my retirement.

-J.H., Bergen County, NJ

"With Your Support I Was Able to Re-Gain My Financial Life"

Dear Marc,

As a result of the failing Internet economy, I found myself in a position of losing my most valuable asset - my home. Thanks to your expertise, knowledge of the process, and relationships with the players I was able to save my house and dignity. I was able to save my home. But, more importantly with your support I was able to re-gain my financial life.

- L.G., North Bergen, NJ