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A Debt Free Future Can Start Today

Nothing can compile and compound the stresses of life quite like falling into sizeable debt. With creditors harassing you at work and restlessness keeping you awake at night, you can understandably start to feel as if you are quickly running out of options. Remember that you have rights as a debtor and legal avenues to explore to get you out of this financial trouble. In particular, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy.

Each year, millions of Americans will file for one bankruptcy type or another. In New Jersey, the Law Office of Marc G. Alster has become renowned for providing top-notch bankruptcy service that is both efficient and personalized to each client. Contact our River Edge bankruptcy attorney today for more information about your rights and options.

Financial Problems Have Legal Solutions

There is no bankruptcy case that will be like any others. Each one is unique to each person filing. Owning a business, having a mortgage, possessing retirement accounts, and more can all affect how your bankruptcy filing will play out. Rather than trying to interpret the nuances of the law and the subtle legislation details yourself, allow our River Edge bankruptcy lawyer make sense of it all for you.

Some of the options you should consider include:

If your home is already at risk of foreclosure, or in distress while on the market, let us know right away. Attorney Alster is driven to succeed in all bankruptcy filing scenarios. No matter how unfortunate your situation may seem, allowing him to take over and work with your creditors and banks puts a dedicated and creative legal professional on your side, rebalancing the scales in this crucial time.

23+ Years of Experience to Put to Good Use

Bankruptcy filings are notoriously complicated and can be drawn out over months or more if something goes wrong. Why take that chance when you can let River Edge Bankruptcy Attorney Marc Alster be your legal advocate and counsel? We have more than two decades of legal experience handling bankruptcy cases that we can use to get you to the right solution in the right amount of time.

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