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Life After Bankruptcy

What happens after you filed for bankruptcy?

Most of the clients at The Law Offices of Marc G. Alster feel only a small sense of relief right after they declare bankrutpcy. After a short period of time, however, they feel completely amazed and free when it finally hits them that they are no longer in debt. Many clients feel like the weight if the world has been lifted off their shoulders. In most cases, clients feel greatly relieved to have a solution to what seemed like an immpossible situation.

After months or even years of dealing with creditors endlessly calling at all times of day or night, it is an amazing relief to have peace returned to the home. Many clients realize for the first time just how much stress their creditors were causing then after they receive their discharge order. In many cases, the financial stress was destroying marriages. Clients often tell me that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code's Discharge Order has given them not just a financial "fresh start" but the opportunity to peacefully continue with their lives. All clients of course find that they now have more money to spend on the things that are truly important to their families, such as clothing and other vital necessities.

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Within a short period of time often several months or less clients usually begin to receive credit offers for secured and possibly- unsecured credit cards. Procuring secured or unsecured credit cards is major steps in helping clients reestablish credit.

The most important thing to remember is that filing for bankruptcy gives you the ability to start a new financial life. Contact a Teaneck bankruptcy attorney from The Law Offices of Marc G. Alster today to learn more about how filing can help you.

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