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Do I Need an Attorney?

Benefits of Having a Hackensack Bankruptcy Lawyer

Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. The first question you should ask yourself is "Do I need a lawyer to file bankruptcy?" The answer is, you can try it on your own, but it is likely that you will immediately regret this decision. If you do not file the required papers correctly, you may be denied the right to file for bankruptcy again. It is highly doubtful that you are familiar with U.S. Bankruptcy Law, the Bankruptcy Code's Means Test or any of the other many important factors that should be considered in a bankruptcy filing. Doing it on your own is very risky. You run a high risk of being penny wise and dollar foolish. Hopefully whenever you make this decision, you do so after receiving the advice of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

It is especially important for anyone who has assets or disposable household income to be able to take advantage of the expertise of a bankruptcy attorney such as Mr. Alster who has helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the complex rules and laws involved in filing for bankruptcy protection. Just as it is vital to know what bankruptcy chapter to file and when to file for bankruptcy protection, it can also be crucial to know when not to file for bankruptcy protection which might unnecessarily jeopardize your future, current assets or income.

When you have money problems, not paying fees to an attorney can seem very attractive. There are paralegals and "document preparation services" who promote how simple a do-it-yourself Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is. Unfortunately, these statements are misleading. If a petition is filed incorrectly, an attempt to discharge your debts in bankruptcy can leave you in an even more difficult situation than when you started. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can have a great deal to offer in strategy sessions, and in executing a plan how to best achieve the goals of obtaining the Bankruptcy Court's Discharge Order without your case becoming contested, dismissed, or worse risking the loss of valuable assets, thereby assuring that the debtor(s) get a "fresh start" under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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Mr. Alster's services also include Alternatives to bankruptcy, such as negotiating mortgage loan modifications, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, short sales and creditor workouts. Often Mr. Alster is retained for more than one of these debt relief solutions. Each one of which, in and of themselves, saves debtor(s) well over $100,000.00 to $200,000.00.

Need a lawyer for a bankruptcy case in Hackensack?

Having experienced legal counsel to carefully guide you through all meetings, hearings and the entire bankruptcy process is invaluable. In other firms, you may be dealing with an attorney who does not handle complicated and non-complicated personal bankruptcies on a day to day basis. Even in a non-complicated case, just the peace of mind of having an experienced attorney to guide you through the maze of paper work and obligations necessary to obtain the U.S. Bankruptcy Court's Discharge Order, is worth the reasonable legal fees and more charged by Mr. Alster to handle your bankruptcy case.

If you are having financial hardship and are considering filing for bankruptcy please call or contact our firm for a free confidential bankruptcy consultation.

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