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Alternatives to Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for personal bankruptcy is often the best way for debtors to financially "get a fresh start", whether it be wiping out/discharging all of their general unsecured debts or saving a home from foreclosure due to either mortgage arrears, or a debtor's ability to convert/"cramdown" an unsecured second or third mortgage on their residence or other real property from secured to unsecured debt.

However, some debtors are often able to take advantage of other debt-relief alternatives in lieu of, or combined with, filing for personal bankruptcy protection. These alternatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Applying for a mortgage modification with their mortgage lender or servicer

  • Negotiating creditor workouts with debtors’ individual creditors

  • Negotiating a short sale agreement whereat clients can pay off less than the full balance of their mortgage loans based on their being insufficient equity in our clients' real property securing the mortgage

  • Executing a deed in lieu of foreclosure

  • Forbearance agreements

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If you come prepared with the necessary financial information to your consultation, Mr. Alster will be able to answer all questions concerning these alternatives in order to assure that prospective clients are able to make a fully informed decisions as to the best debt-relief option or multiple options that are available to them.

Call our firm today to learn more about what bankruptcy alternatives may be available for you. The right choice in legal help today can make a major difference as you begin to build for a better tomorrow.